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Financing for cattle and feed available.....    Call for more information........  (800) 333-3568


Company: Bejot Feedlots
P.O. Box 106
Ainsworth, NE  69210

Location:       Our 13,000 head capacity feed lot is located 1 1/2 miles west of Ainsworth on 
                       Highway 20 then 3/4 mile north. Turn east for 1/4 mile on private road.
                       The feed lot is at the end of the road.

Contacts: Office 402-387-2236 or 800-333-3568
  Fax 402-387-2275
  Thomas Bejot 402-387-0122
  Steve Bejot 402-387-0507
  Francis Bejot 402-387-1279


  1. Customer Attention
  2. Cattle and Feed Financing
  3. Grower/Finish Programs
  4. Winter Grazing Programs
  5. Carcass Data
  6. Health & Nutritional Programs
  7. Competitive Cost of Gain
  8. Contracting & Price Protection
  9. Packers
  10. Trucking

Customers are number one priority in any business.  Bejot Feed Lots management team believes that the customer needs to be as well informed about their cattle as the employees who work at the feed lot do on a day to day basis.  The  general manager, Francis Bejot, calls each customer concerning the weights and health of their cattle when they arrive and the progress of the cattle as they are fed.  BFL's customers know they are welcome to call our toll free number (800) 333-3568 or (402) 387-2236 anytime  Stop and meet our professional staff, enjoy a cup of coffee and have a friendly chat.  With over 43 years of experience in feeding,  Francis and his sons are here to provide full service to you and your cattle.  At Bejot's, your cattle receive personal attention, along with quality feed, efficient service, and and excellent animal health program.  Our goal is to make you a profit!

Feedlot brochure                              

Bejot Feed Lots has financing available.  By maintaining a 30% equity,  financing is available for cattle, feed or both.
Interested in feeding cattle?  


Your cattle are fed rations formulated by a consulting nutritionist.   Ration ingredients include home grown irrigated corn, corn silage, alfalfa and distiller grains.  The ration is balanced with a liquid protein supplement. Our sloped lots are EPA approved and each is equipped with automatic water tanks.   The pens are walked each day, with any sick cattle pulled and tended to in our hospital treatment area.

Every fall and winter there is approximately 2800 acres of corn stalks available for grazing.  Each parcel has a livestock well, adequate fencing and wind protection.   Contact Francis Bejot, at (800)333-3568 or (402)387-2236.

Customers that retain ownership of their cattle can obtain individual carcass data when the cattle are ready for slaughter.  The data can be used to improve your herd.   For a small fee (charged by an independent company), slaughter data can be collected for each individually tagged animal.  Data that can be collected includes hot carcass weight, quality grade, yield grade, muscle score, ribeye, and back fat measurement as well as the ranch tag.

Health Program:
Consulting Veterinarian, Quality Health and Vaccination Program, Computerized Vet Records, Ownership Tagging

Consulting Nutritionist, Specialized Rations, Professional Monthly Analysis of Rations

We also track how our cost of gain is doing with other feed lots in different regions of the United States. 

Bejot Feed Lots offers contracts, options and hedging for customers who want to do some risk management.  These programs can help protect your investment in what can potentially be a high return and risky investment.  If you have questions, please call Thomas Bejot, at 800-333-3568 or (402) 387-2236.  Tom is always happy to answer questions for current and prospective customers.

All major packers are within a 180 mile radius of Bejot Feed Lots, with buyers calling at the lot weekly.  Visiting packers are:

1.)    Tyson of  Lexington, Nebraska
2.)    Tyson of  South Sioux City, Nebraska
3.)    Swift and Company of Grand Island, Nebraska
4.)    Excel of Schyler, Nebraska
5.)    Nebraska Beef of Omaha, Nebraska
6.)    Greater Omaha of Omaha, Nebraska


Bejot Feed Lots has aligned itself with Hurless Trucking of Ainsworth, Nebraska.   Give Bejot Feed Lots a call if you need assistance in moving cattle at 800-333-3568.

Last updated:  02/27/2008